Creating ADA Solutions for Transportation

          and the Public Right-of-Way



Synergy, LLC provides support and assistance to all organizations, public and private, that are seeking workable solutions for meeting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards in the realm of transportation and public right-of-way.

Synergy, LLC, was founded in 2010 by Dennis Cannon when he retired after 29 years at the U. S. Access Board, the Federal agency that develops accessibility guidelines under the ADA. While serving as the Board’s Transportation Accessibility Specialist, he developed the Accessibility Guidelines for transportation vehicles and facilities. He also wrote technical assistance manuals for vehicles in each of nine modes. He also drafted proposed revisions to the Guidelines for buses and vans that were published as a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. In addition, he was a member of the team that developed the proposed Public Rights-of –Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG), which the Federal Highway Administration recommends for pedestrian facilities constructed in the public right-of-way. He was a presenter at numerous workshops and training sessions across the country. He provided technical assistance on how to apply the Guidelines in a complex environment.

Prior to joining the Board, Cannon helped design and implement one of the first fixed-route accessible bus systems in the country, helped write a manual on implementation of accessible buses, was an expert witness in numerous court cases, and testified before state and local governments and the U. S. Congress.

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